Suzien's Second Love

Suzien falls in love with Steve in 6th grade when she is placed in a desk directly in front of him. He is her first date, her first kiss, and her first love. They have to part when he goes away to college, and she stays back in the home town to go to college. They plan to marry when he finishes his degree.

He is flying home for Christmas of his last year of college, and Suzien and his parents are waiting for his plane to land, when they are told that the plane has gone down, and Steve is dead. Suzien had been waiting to tell him that she was pregnant, and when his body was found, there was an engagement ring in his luggage for her.

Ten years later, she is treated as a daughter by Steve’s parents and her son Rocky is the apple of both sets of grandparents’ eyes. The grandparents have been a huge help to Suzien and Rocky and she has a very settled, but old fashioned, dull life.

She meets John when he takes over the car repair shop in town, and he rescues her when her car breaks down. She is drawn to him, and he begins asking her out. She keeps refusing, because she knows he is at least 10 years or more younger than she is. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed to be seen with him, and she thinks that even if she were to be with him, some day she will be collecting the old age security, and he will still be a vibrant man in his early 50s. She lives in fear that someone will mistake John and Rocky for her children.

Little by little, John breaks down her resistance, and Suzien begins to see that being a cougar is not the worst thing in the world, and that regular sex keeps her younger than her older more settled friends. She gravitates to John’s music, his youth, and his sense of adventure, rather than spending all her time with the grandparents, which has made her a generation older than herself.

But when John’s ex arrives in town, telling everyone she is expecting his baby, Suzien can’t stay & watch him marry another woman. She accepts the proposal of an older man in her company, but she will find there is no stopping what has been set in motion by her love for John.

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Suziens Second Love is about Suzien who has a son that she is raising alone since he was born. Her one love and the baby’s father had been killed in a plane crash before their son was born. Suzien counted herself lucky that she had both her parents and his to help her out. In all the years since he died she never dated or had sex with anyone, her main goal in life was her son. But Suzien was now 36 and her son is older and she couldn’t help but wonder about John. John was younger than her, she was unsure about him because of the age difference, but together they were HOT. She enjoyed every minute in bed with him, but is that enough? When his old girlfriend shows up, I was thinking that they don’t have a chance. What a great story about love regardless of age !!


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