Marda's Muse



Feeling like Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone, Marda is sniffling her way through allergy season, nearly finished her newest romance novel. Marda is the best friend of Justine, (Justine’s Auction, 2010). Since Justine’s marriage to Ryan, Marda has been feeling like a fifth wheel whenever she’s around her friends. Now, as she finds herself wishing for a hero like those she writes about, opportunity for a new life is about to knock on her door. As she embarks on a Joan Wilder type adventure, will her life imitate her art? Logan is a most unlikely muse for Marda, but he turns out to be the best, the only, the sexiest muse ever! Now if only Marda can save several lives, including her own and Logan’s, things will be great, won’t they?

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