Evalina's Gamble


This is the second book in the Greentree series. The first book is Lucinda’s Grooms. In this book, we meet up with Jean-Gilles Marquette, who is a minor character in the first book, and Evalina Carstairs. Evalina is a 1920s flapper, returning to Canada from a finishing school in France, when she meets Jean-Gilles on the ocean liner that takes them both to Montreal.

The story takes you from the salons of Europe to the coal mining towns of the Canadian West, which were opening up the economy after the First World War.

Jean-Gilles is left for dead and Evalina is kidnapped to be the unwilling bride of a crude rancher, all with her father’s approval, so he and the rancher can join their ranches and provide succession for the land.

As horses and buggies give way to automobiles and trains, Evalina must brave her cold and determined father to find Jean-Gilles and save his life before it is too late.

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