Bella's Song


 A melty chocolate voice that spans nearly four octaves, introduces Daniel to Bella, a singer and composer, who is hoping to make it to the big time with her voice and her songs. She is on the brink of a brilliant career, a performer of everything from opera to Broadway, with stops in between for a little jazz, a little country, and a little Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Daniel is an already famous musician who hasn’t had a big new hit for a few years, & he’s stuck teaching wannabes how to compose music that sells.

Once he introduces Bella to his fame, and she outpaces him in popularity, he doesn’t want to hold her back, even though he has fallen in love with her. When a tragedy overwhelms him, he leaves her so he can fade into obscurity. He had followed that siren’s call anywhere she led, but the threads that held them together are mysterious and full of longing. He needs to make sure his songbird is safe for all time, from all that threatens her, including himself.

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